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William Luxe: Founder & CEO

William Luxe: Founder & CEO

William Luxe

We sat down with our boss, founder and CEO; William Luxe, for an interview last week. We talk business, motivation, future projects and answer some questions from the community submitted to us on Instagram.
Get an insight into what drives this successful and passionate young entrepreneur and what William Luxe has got planned for the future.

1. How did you start Luxe Agncy?

It was a long journey. I dabbled in a few business ideas from the age of 14, I actually became a self-taught Apple technician and had a product repair business during school when I was about 14. A few years down the road, I had been blogging and creating sponsored posts on social media for brands and services etc, when I decided to launch Social Revival; a social media agency. While running this business I started to plan for my future and that’s how Luxe Enterprises AU was born. I had some major accomplishments while trading as Social Revival (including being the youngest person in Australia to have a Billboard campaign). On the 4th of September 2018, I registered my company (Luxe Enterprises AU Pty Ltd) so I could lay the foundations for my future projects and essentially get the ball rolling. With Social Revival being my first serious business, I couldn’t sell it, which was my original plan; I decided to rebrand and expand to become Luxe Agncy; a full-service marketing and events agency.

2. How did you know marketing was your passion?

I don’t think there was really a moment or a realisation that marketing was an industry I wanted to establish myself in. I’ve dabbled in a lot of roles and had so many experiences at a young age that I guess it enabled me to find what interested me the most and what I was good at. Out of everything, essentially, I always came back to a marketing orientated role so I decided to go with it. I really love what I’m doing and the industry I’m in is so exciting, it’s always changing. There’s never a dull moment.

...I started to plan for my future and that's how Luxe Enterprises AU was born...

3. Why did you decide to expand to events as well?

I’ve always been intrigued and inspired by events. The idea of being able to set and control an atmosphere, vibe and environment right down to the smallest of details is so thrilling. I love to entertain and find it exhilarating to share my vision of an event with the audience attending; it’s almost like there’s a part of yourself in every event you do. 

4. Tell us about LR19, why did you rebrand?

The show started as two things; first and foremost it had been a dream to get off the runway and behind the runway so organising my own fashion show rather than walking in one was a big deal for me. Secondly, I saw it as a way to launch Luxe Agncy, what better way to launch a full-service marketing and events company to the world than through our own event? I decided to rebrand the show from Meraki Fashion Show to Luxe Runway so it is more aligned with our company and branding, eventually the event will evolve into an exclusive show for Luxe Intimates. 
This year, LR19 will be onboard a venue that is a world first and promotes luxury, elegance and exclusivity.

William Luxe, Travers Beynon, The Candyman

5. Do you have any other projects in the pipeline?

It’s actually quite an exciting time for us, there’s so much planned. Over the next 5 years we will roll out Luxe Intimates, Luxe Nightlcubs and Luxe Hotels and expand globally. These projects have limited information publicly available, so I won’t go into too much detail. We’ll also be working on quite a spectacular event for a high-profile client towards the end of this year and we of course have our own extravagant event coming up in September, Luxe Runway.
I’m also working on a few things personally at the moment, I’ll be publishing an eBook soon and launching my podcast series by the end of the year! 

...It's almost like there's a part of you in every event you do...

6. What does the future hold for Luxe Agncy?

I think our future has looked exciting and strong since day one. This year we have been focusing on our connections, partnerships and exposure; it’s been going really well. There’s some massive and exciting things in the works, I can’t wait to share it with you all. We’re currently laying the foundations and preparing for Luxe Intimates and Luxe Nightclubs; it’s going to be a fun and stressful journey but I’m excited. It’s going to take our brand to the next level. 

7. What's your biggest achievement this year, so far?

We’ve recently been engaged by a very high-profile client who I’m excited to be working with. I’ve learned that some opportunities will come from wild places where you would never expect them to come from. 

I’m also jetting off to Abu Dhabi in the middle of May to meet with some prospective investors for one of our projects, Luxe Nightclubs. We’re definitely getting closer to making my vision a reality.

8. What are you most excited about for this year?

There’s so much happening this year, I don’t even know where to begin. Of course I’m excited for LR19, I think we’ll be setting a new standard for fashion shows on the Gold Coast; it’s time to level up. There’s also an exciting partnership in the works that would see us taking your weekend out to the next level once a month. 
We’ve also got the chance to be apart of some unique events thanks to our high-profile client, I’d definitely keep an eye on our social media. 
I’m working a lot on my personal branding (William Luxe) this year too, really starting to control my image and work towards becoming a key person of influence within my industries. 

William Luxe

...We're definitely getting closer to making my vision a reality...

...Failure is an essential part of the road to success...

9. What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs?

There’s 3 key things to remember. Network like your life depends on it, radiate confidence but still let your personality show and present yourself well! 
Take pride in your appearance and always dress for the occasion, don’t be afraid to be bold, it shows confidence. Articulate yourself well and pay attention to your posture in social settings. Speak with certainty and confidence, if you don’t believe yourself, no one else will.
Networking will bring you opportunities you once thought were a dream, you never know who knows who so treat everyone with respect and equally. 

Failure is an essential part of the road to success. If you’re not failing then you’re not improving, don’t be afraid to experiment. Keep trying until you find what works for you.

Wow, it’s safe to say that we were quite blown away during our sit down with William Luxe, our boss, founder and CEO of Luxe Agncy. 

There’s definitely some exciting things happening for Luxe Agncy, Luxe Enterprises AU and William Luxe so watch this space!

William Luxe

William has been immersed in the marketing and creative industries for all of his professional life. From travelling Australia as a signed model to being a renowned local influencer; William has dabbled in it all.

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