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Meraki Fashion Show: Visibility for Disability

Meraki Fashion Show: Visibility for Disability

Meraki Fashion Show

The Meraki Fashion Show debuted on Saturday the 17th of November 2018 at The MET Brisbane. The inaugural red-carpet event showcased stunning diverse passionate brands.

“The decadent runway show had the electric feel of an Alexander Wang New York runway – dark lighting, loud music, free-flowing champagne and elite guests, all dressed to the nines.” – Fashion Industry Database.

Lisa Cox

Pictured: Lisa Cox for Luminous Crystals by Samy Studio Works

Casey Parsons

Pictured: Casey Parsons for Luminous Crystals by Krstyal Sempf

The evening was hosted by Celebrity VIP Bec McMillan from What’s Hot TV; alongside Jennifer Vines and Jacquie Amos.

Making Brisbane Fashion history, #MFS18 brought Visibility to Disability on the runway and to an international audience; with showstoppers Lisa Cox and Casey Parsons.

Lisa, who is known across Australia as one of our best journalists, authors and presenters; took the runway by storm and exceeded expectations and limitations placed on her.

“I definitely don’t represent a stereotypical model, but I do represent about 20% of our population with disabilities…” – Lisa Cox

The Meraki Fashion Show also raised nearly $5,000 for Red Nose Australia in honour of Jayce Michael McMillan, Bec’s little angel.

Jess May

Pictured: Jess May for Niki Teljega by Emz Imagery

The visions of our Founder, William Luxe and Bec McMillan came to life in an extraordinary way this year and we can’t wait for next year to be even bigger and better! We’ve already started planning!

We’d like to give a big thanks to Isabel Wetten from The Bella Styling Co for managing the running of the show and keeping the entire team organised on the day.

We’d also like to give a massive thanks to all of our sponsors; Brisbane BMW, Mercado Group, The Verve Lounge, Urbbana, Luminous Crystals, Laser Clinics Australia, Ian Jacobs, YKV, Catnip Entertainment, Bunya Media and Husk & Vine. We wouldn’t have been able to pull of this extravagant event without you, and a further thanks to your generous donations for our charity auction!

Thank you for the recognition in national and international media by; Style Media, The Sunday Mail and The Daily Mail.

Bec Mcmillan

Pictured: William Luxe and Bec McMillan by Krstyal Sempf

If you need a stellar event, like the Meraki Fashion Show, for yourself or your business, get in touch with us today!

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William Luxe

William has been immersed in the marketing and creative industries for all of his professional life. From travelling Australia as a signed model to being a renowned local influencer; William has dabbled in it all.

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